Coca-Cola Senses


For the first time in the domestic Serbian market, the Coca-Cola Company has established cooperation with local artists, who have created completely unique styles of six bottles, providing the fans of Coca-Cola a brand new experience.

Braća Burazeri, Artez, Linnch, Nikola Mihajlović Kori, Vuk Ćuk and Bratislav Milenković were all inspired by the senses involved in the consumption of Coca-Cola, as well as by their personal experience with the world’s most famous brand. This unique, limited edition of Coca-Cola bottles was presented to the public at alarge party in Dorćol Platz in front of many artists, designers, celebrities, partners and friends of the company. The collection is presented through authentic audio-visual materials that showed the process of creating bottles and the work of artists who were inspired by sensations that occur when drinking the famous beverage.


The Coca-Cola Company