Južni vetar


Visual identity for Serbian movie South wind (Južni vetar)


Režim production



Although very favourable, in every way, and possibly very profitable, the geostrategic location of Serbia has brought more bad than good to people living in this area. In the last few decades, such location caused Serbia to become a “crossroad” and a definite part of the so-called “drug route”, which connects the Middle East and Europe. There are numerous ways in which drugs, the most severe disease of the modern society, can affect people directly connected to it, such as criminals and addicts, as well as others, who accidentally get caught in “the game”. „South Wind“ wants to tell one of these stories.

Life of Petar Maraš, young member of Belgrade car theft ring, starts to make sense. He moves out from his parents and starts living with his longtime girlfriend in his new apartment. The ring, which he is a member of, is lead by infamous “Tzar” and the business is booming. The operation is well-coordinated, there is enough cash for everyone, and police causes no trouble.

It will all change when Maraš accidentally steals a wrong car.

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